Ampersand Faux Cufflinks

ampersand cufflink

I have never thought this would happen, but here I am, *excited* about Cufflinks: Ampersand Faux Cufflinks. Yes, please!

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  1. wow. this is pretty cool. its simple yet really awesome. bit pricy though, but it certainly is a luxury item. can’t imagine it becoming popular in mainstream culture.

  2. Oh, the ampersand. Such a curvaceous bombshell of a grapheme. I would wear those cufflinks in a heartbeat.

  3. How are these faux cufflinks? Do they pretend to hold your cuffs together?

  4. I will definitely get a pair of these for myself. Reasonably priced creative accessory. Love it.

  5. They are lovely; wish they were available in the UK.

  6. How clever. i love how the print is following the symbols theme – it looks like a series of colons (:). Excellent!

  7. Argh! I mean the SHIRT, not the print. Oops.