grey texting gloves


Look at me, posting about Texting Gloves on a sweltering hot summer day. (You have to give these guys credit for putting ‘texting’ into this product name. Smart.)

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  1. OH. LOVE.
    I know it’s hot and humid and gross out, but just looking at these gives me hope that Fall will be here soon enough. Before I melt into the next drain hole.
    These would make great guitar-picking gloves, too. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll have to look into getting a pair for the husband this winter.

  2. Even better “texting” gloves. I own a pair and love them.

  3. Oh, Hah! Never mind… I see they’re women’s..!

  4. I often wear long grey knit fingerless gloves when I work in the chilly studio in the winter. They’re practical but I also think they look pretty delectable too. Yummy form + excellent function = WIN all the way around.

  5. Not as cool as Etre Touchy gloves…

  6. Ohhh, I have these ones and I love them :)