Lego Ad Campaign


A new ad campaign done for Lego by agency blattner brunner. Wonderful interpretation of a kids imagination.

(update: thanks for letting me know that the campaign indeed is not very new at all, Nate)

(via visualattitudes)

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  1. Love this. A sweet and simple reminder to be young at heart and use your imagination.

  2. Perfect concept!

  3. These are ace, really simple but just sum up completely what Lego means to people.

  4. This is an excellent visual definition of the word ‘imagination’. Thanks for posting!

  5. to me the dinosaur really needs 2 legs and it would have been a simple addition. I feel that most kids would have had legs on it too. Right now it is looking a bit like Nessie.

    However, really great ads, and this and all the other lego stuff I have seen lately makes me want to go home and play with the legos at my parents house.