Objects In My House

Objects in my house

YES! Objects in my house made me laugh out loud! What an awesome site. Thumbs up to the creator Dylan Chandler. Thank you for the smile!

(thank you max for this awesome submission!)

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  1. ah! i clicked on it and the guy was holding a purple sex toy!

  2. soooo awsome!! i wish i could come up with an idea like that. i like crazy people=P

  3. Ewww, I saw the purple sex toy too. Weird, why would a guy have one of those kinds? Maybe he’s a little light in the loafers? Why would he use/wear that unless he’s missing something? In fact, who wears the pants in his house? Whatever the case may be, the site is pretty cool, it kept me busy for about 20 minutes, lol.
    Not sure if he’s Dylan Chandler himself or not, but in his portfolio, most pics look ok, though some weird ones are closer to the end. Gangsta wanna be with a hairdryer as a gun? Gotta love the guy with the yellow t-shirt that says “I’M A STUPID AMERICAN” – I want one of those shirts!