Schwiizer Chuchi


Oh, I so have to getBetty Bossi’s “Schwiizer Chuchi” a collection of over 130 swiss traditional recipies! Whee! (Chuchi = Kitchen in swiss german)

(thank you Hugi)

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  1. Ah, Betty Bossi….my mother still has a large collection of those books.
    I’ve just tried to purchase this (I think I actually have)….it never asked me for payment details. As a Swiss abroad it was my first time purchasing from a Swiss site…is this common? Will I be sent an invoice?
    Thank you!

    Une clueless Suisse-Romande!

  2. Is it only in swhwiezerdütch? no papet vaudois?!? :)

  3. Thank you for posting this. I am always open to try new things.

  4. Dude! No. Way. I just scored a copy of Betty Bossi’s Schweizer Spezialitaten while I was in Zurich last week and am soooo excited to start in on spatzli et al.

    A cousin of ours was delighted to part with it: she got Bossi’s 12-book series as a passive aggressive wedding gift from her mother-in-law who felt the cooking going on in her son’s house wasn’t up to Swiss hausfrau standards!

  5. Funny, just yesterday I was looking for a good Swiss cookbook.

  6. Delivery with Invoice only.
    This is the only option I found when ordering on-line.
    Not sure how this will work with overseas delivery.
    I would have expected a credit card processing option.

    But wait and see….
    Walter R. Gygax
    Gaborone / Botswana