Augmented Reality Future by Nokia

Here’s a video showcasing some of the future technologies dreamt up by telecommunications giant, Nokia:

(via unplggd)

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  1. future technologies for blond white rich people. Sad.

  2. This also looks like an Ikea ad.

  3. Another neurosis-free world. What of a load of crap.

  4. it’s good to see that in the future, human interaction can be boiled down to simply a choice of smily faces with which to respond, and short, pointless text noise.

    the Giver, anyone?

  5. I hope the makers of this movie read these great comments of yours!
    And some people got loads of money to create this movie and this concept…..

  6. Wow this looks incredible… bring it on!! (and start working on the transport tunnels à la Futurama haha!)

  7. @chris laughlin. :D

    (ha, ha. couldn’t resist. :P~) actually, it’s not “short, pointless text noise.” it’s called, “help, my bf is stalking me.”

  8. I think as technology evolves, it can help us in many ways as well as make us more dumb and lazy. Great insight about the future, hope 10 years from now, we still know how to use our tongue and talk…

  9. C’mon Nokia get that girl into a bikini!

    We’re all turning into “Predators”

  10. I’m waiting for same technology in contact lenses, to feel like Terminator

  11. Hehe, the earpieces are straight from Fahrenheit 451!