you are the css to my html

You are the CSS to my HTML. Lovely. Made me smile.

(via @glass and @maxritt)

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  1. It’s cute on the surface but think about it…

    The CSS is always telling the HTML what to look like, how to say things, how to carry itself. This sounds like a very controlling relationship. Granted no one ever hears the CSS without the HTML, so I guess it balances out in a weird way.

    Still, very cute nonetheless.

  2. or you could read it as that your other half just makes you better. Alone you are not as good, but together you are amazing?

  3. derek’s comment = awesome.

    so is this button.

  4. A few weeks ago, our AIGA chapter here had a competition entitled One In Round, which was just a button design competition.

    Anyway, this would’ve won a Gold, hands down.

  5. Your link points to the magnet, not the button. While both are awesome, that might confuse folks who are overcome by the awesomeness and don’t spot the shift.


    This is my wife Ashley’s company. Thanks for the interest and kind comments!

  7. Purchased four, screwed up my shipping address, emailed the company and received an email from Ashley’s iPhone telling me that they’d be sent to the right address. All in about ten minutes.

  8. Reminds me to the Advertising of these famous chocolate bars here in Germany. Nice.

  9. Unfortunatly they don’t ship to Portugal :(

  10. Derek was on to something, but CSS is about presentation and my CSS always boosts my style. JS though makes a really uncomfortable third wheel, and is always trying to change my behavior. Any way you look at it, when both are around HTML doesn’t stand a chance of defending itself.

  11. this is like telling your other half your the style to my substance. I want that to be told to a girl.

    @jason your reference to JS makes me think mother in-law, JS can tell your css to do something different and the CSS complies.

  12. Wow. Totally missed the mother-in-law angle. I will never look at the separation between content, presentation and behavior the same way again.

    Good thing I have a wonderful wife and mother-in-law!

  13. I just wanted it because it’s a cool button…

  14. Ah yes, lovely folks who just don’t understand that it’s no harder to ship to Canada or Portugal than it is to send something to Kansas. Matt, let your wife know I’ll just be making my own, and thank her for the great idea!

  15. Love it! I’d like to see it on a T-shirt.

  16. We also now ship internationally!

  17. You are in luck! Tees of this design are now available in our shop for pre-order.

  18. Received mine in the mail today. I’m glad I got four, they’re so tiny I don’t think one would be enough. I think I was imagining a two inch button, but I love them anyway!

  19. I LOVE POP + SHORTY!!!!
    Ashley the designer is absolutely amazing!! You have to check out her website, she has a million other great things!!

  20. If they don’t ship you could use as I did before. They can ship whatever you like from the US to your address.