Big Egg

(via tim)

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  1. Wow so interesting, I’ve never heard of an egg within an egg!

  2. I love how you hear the little kid, “weeeeeeird”.

  3. They seem like some down to Earth people. I like them and their big egg.

  4. It’s fake. Look how his hand blocks you from seeing it actually coming out.

  5. No, it’s totally real – I’ve heard of it happening before.

    Still totally bizarre though.

    Poor hen…

  6. I hope that chicken survived ….
    Thanks to the www I found a very interesting explanation:

  7. How would that hatch? Or it just wouldn’t?

  8. very very strange. I was waiting for the punchline…

  9. how bizarre! I just found this egg within an egg video yesterday– It must be in the air–