Coffee Cuff

coffee cuff
coffee cuff

This is *fantastic*: An elegant wooden bracelet that can slip off your wrist and onto your coffee cup. Fashion + function. Handmade from reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts. I am only wondering: Why don’t they show the bracelet on an actual coffee cup?

(thank you don)

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  1. right. That was my first thought too…good idea, bad execution? Perhaps it doesn’t fit. oops.

  2. I wondered the same thing. Does it fit? Total waste of an add if it does.

  3. I am actually wearing mine today!!! I love it… (but it doesn’t fit onto a venti cup!!!).

    I wondered that a bit too… although I confess, I love it so much as a bracelet and I have such a fear of throwing my cup out with it still attached, that I’ve often worn it with my takeout cup wearing a cardboard cozy still! ha!

  4. hi there miss, the coffee cuff is sized to fit nicely on a 12oz cup, snugly on a 16oz one, and beautifully on your wrist. thanks for the post! love, contexture

  5. What a great idea! M. and I have taking to carrying around a couple extra coffee sleeves in our bags and re-using them everytime we order a coffee out. But this is far more stylish!