Eco Warrior

eco warrior

Show off your Environmental Activist in you with the Eco Warrior Bag. If you see people littering the streets, not separating garbage properly etc, instantly transform to Eco Warrior!

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  1. nice! furthermore you wont emit CO2 since you wont be able to breathe

  2. Nice design, but should people really be encouraged to put bags over their heads :P

  3. ha ha ha! Next step: Cut out some eyeholes.

  4. It’s a bird! No, a plane! No, it’s Eco Warrior! Flat on his ass from hitting a telephone pole again.

  5. It would be better if the eye and mouthholes were mesh.

  6. When did you do that?
    You should check out the packaging for mad mex that used a mexican wrestler mask, which could be used as a bag mask.

    Not that it is totally original. But very similar.

  7. Hilarious. Cannot stop laughing. I would definately be in Eco Warriors team!!

  8. super cool! i want one or wait ….many.