Kinderkreis: Danse Gooshers!

The level of absurdity is impressive. Made me look and chuckle. Super Toll!

(thank you daniel)

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  1. If I may quote Herschel Krustofski: “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!”

  2. Hammer Geil =)
    …fühle zurück kathapultisiert in die 80er

  3. this is like Teletubbies on Acid… crazy, yet i have this urge to keep watching…

  4. “Zeigt mir ganz verrückt nach Glück” … rofl, mdr, … this might be issued right from my mind … :D

  5. Wie schräg! Wie bizarr! Ein Highlight jetzt im Herbst!
    How strange. How bizarre. I love it.

  6. viral marketing für… was nur?! :)

  7. I want to tune in to hear Mr. Talking Badger’s stories! … at one point, little Elfrida looks like she’s worshiping the Orange Tanzer.

  8. spitze…haha!!! super toll!

  9. the man who acts as host is my father!

    that publicity was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina