Get a custom ‘Peace of Mind’ Set

peace of mind

Remember the lovely personal Peace of Mind Gift I posted a few weeks back? I was excited to have a chance to meet the creator, Bryn, who runs a Calligraphy & Design Sho just a few blocks over from my studio. While talking I kept insisting that she should offer ‘Peace of Mind’ as a personalized gift service. And it has happend:

Peace of Mind Gift Card Set: Think of all the little to-do’s, house annoyances, tasks and errands that pile up and nag that someone-you-love every time they come to mind. You know those things, the random photo that you keep meaning to frame or that annoying bump in the rug that you see every time you come home. Make a list of all those things — and do them. Paperfinger will create an appealing package by which to present the gift of “peace of mind.” Assembled and gift wrapped, the box will contain an card for each item on your list. Each card will be individually handwritten in a fresh, modern script with an accompanying hand-drawn illustration to match. Check out Bryn’s original blog post to see how she created and used this gift herself!

$125 for a gift-wrapped set of 10 hand-drawn cards.

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  1. As I am sure everyone will say – if only I could purchase someone to actually *do* the tasks, and not just the cards. The cards I could do! :)

  2. nice handwriting! like it!

  3. Isn’t anyone else going to freak out over the price tag? I’m sure it’s reflective of the artist’s time and talent, but for that price you COULD purchase someone to do the tasks.

  4. I love Bryn’s work and this set is just fantastic!