recycling awareness ribbons

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Love these Recycling Awareness Ribbons by swiss designer Mayari. RRR Ribbons are made from used beverage cartons. It’s all about upcycling. Reuse, reduce and Recycle.

Here’s how to make a RRR Ribbon: (It’s subtitled but she is speaking swiss german, in case you’re wondering!)

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  1. she had me at “hingere litzä”, but when she said “abdingslä” I fell in love…

  2. Cool, just be careful not to cut your fingers on those sharp aluminum edges.

  3. I’m going to repost this on (an online green themed social network) for all of my eco-minded peeps to see — thanks so much!

  4. good!

  5. Is anyone selling these over in the UK? or do you have to make them yourself? They have a very cool look to them.