The Awesomeness Manifesto

What is awesomeness? Awesomeness happens when thick — real, meaningful — value is created by people who love what they do, added to insanely great stuff, and multiplied by communities who are delighted and inspired because they are authentically better off. That’s a better kind of innovation, built for 21st century economics.

The Awesomeness Manifesto, by Umair Haque.

(via GOOD)

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  1. “thick — real, meaningful — value”

    “added to insanely great stuff”

    “communities who are delighted and inspired”

    “a better kind of innovation”

    Thick gorp and treacle. This kind of mush is exactly when the Chinese are now and will in the future eat our breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink our milkshake.

  2. that is pretty cool.
    also, regarding “made me look”, check this>

    cheers from another swissmiss abroad

  3. +1 to vanderleun. I despise this kind of marketing hype/tripe/nonsense. This is such bullshit.

    Please don’t take this as an attack on you, though Tina! Love SwissMiss!