We are the friction


We Are The Friction is a book of illustration and short fiction created by 12 pairs of international writers and illustrators. It’s the second book edited, designed and published by Sing Statistics, the collaborative concern of Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart.

The book paired writers with illustrators, both established and emerging in their disciplines. Each then produced new work inspired by the work of their partner: stories from illustrations, and illustrations from stories. The result is an erratic, eclectic collection of work that takes in space travel, Japanese deities, monster husbandry, and the Marx Brothers.

Fantastic! Get one here.

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! Must be packed full of inspirational stuff with a cover like that. Did you already look through it Tina, or have you ordered yours yet?

  2. Thanks Tina! Lizzy’s site can be found here: http://www.abouttoday.co.uk

  3. looks great!

    does anybody this typeface’s name? i love it!



  4. so exited i forgot the verb

    : )


  5. so excited i forgot the verb

    : )


  6. I’m massively excited about this. For some reason it’s struck a real chord with me and excited me more than anything else has done for ages.

  7. does nicholas feltron have anything to do with this?