Wine Steles

Wine Steles

The Wine Stele is a minimalistic wine rack with a capacity to hold up to 18 bottles; that’s equivalent to three wine boxes, which the slender column can pack into a tight space! Yes, please!

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  1. looks like a bit of lumber and a power drill and you could do this in your own home really easily and for well under $150. For that price you could even by a cheap drill to do it as well? On the click through, it looks like they have some brackets that go on the top and bottom to attach it to the floor/ceiling, but it would be pretty easy to figure something like that out as well.

    i think it would look good really dark instead of the look of just raw lumber so it looked a bit more finished, a nice dark chocolate stain.

  2. Hi Swiss Miss,

    In response to the above comment, it took 3 years, but I think we’ve solved this: