A Day at the Office

(Burks sent this video to our entire studio, saying, we’ll all do this tomorrow, when swiss tv will be filming. Oh, and they said they’ll be wearing sweat pants! Ha! How much do I love my studio mates?!)

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  1. hahahahaha this is too great!

  2. This is time well spent at the office! Awesome!

  3. Man, this is the best ever.

  4. Funniest video I’ve seen in ages!!

  5. The blonde girl is hot. The one singing, that is.

    Also, yes, I want to work there.

  6. that was amazing. you are a lucky woman.

  7. This was one of those “pure joy” videos- it was so fun to watch, and made me smile!

  8. this guys ROCK!!! fab!!!! ;)

  9. This is beautiful. I want such a team tooooooooooo!

  10. This is just awesome… perfect Teamwork

  11. ha! sooooooo funny!!!!!!!

  12. finally one good argument for open plan office
    feel quite lonley now…

  13. Really funny and lovely! :D

  14. Super funny! Didn’t knew other people sing at work, too!

  15. Hahaha. Niiice one.

  16. anybody up for a BOHEMIAN RAPSODY version? :-)

  17. I sense a series coming…

  18. You guys rock my socks off!

  19. these guys are f…… brilliant. why can’t i have such officemates?

    and by the way, the sweat pants have to be red ;o)

    and regarding the bohemian rhabsody: what about an international event?


    ps: much more important: tina, how are you doing?

  20. wow. this is hilarious. i love watching the others in the background as one person is singing!

  21. Je veux tellement travailler avec vous !!! lol

  22. this is only funny because one person is clearly not participating. what, did she not like BSB??? :P

  23. Apple should license this as their next commercial…

  24. no more smoking on lunch break, guys

  25. This made me feel great. Thanks so much guys.

  26. If only I had such talented officemates! Brilliant!

  27. Absolute classic office antics. Well done!

  28. I absolutely love this. Now I can sleep a happy person.

  29. One of the office workers close relatives passed away that morning. They’d neglected to notice her and sang anyway :[ :P

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