Expandable Maternity Dresses


This is so what I need for my current 20-week-pregnancy-bump: Expandable maternity dresses by Marisol Rodriguez that can be worn forever.

(thank you carlo)

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  1. That’s a colombian idea! I’m so proud!!! :D

  2. If I grew up to learn that my mother wore this while pregnant with me, I would feel so lucky! You couldn’t help but grow up to be a designer – or a kangaroo-activist.

  3. hehe, that is so sweet!!

  4. Love it! I’m not the broody, gushing type but this sure makes me want to get a little bump just to sport this dress. Congrats to you!

  5. these scare me… i’d wear it if they were all black or something…

  6. Que ridiculo isso shausahsaushaus

  7. Hmmm….not sure, with the top image I imagine a lady gradually looking more and more like a paper lantern as the months slide by ;)

    The hood is nice though, I like hoods.

  8. Like the green version.. just wish it was pregnancy that made me big :P

  9. This is the most incredible pregnancy dress in the world I wish I had one when I was pregnant!

  10. Makes me think of those temperature poppers you use for a turkey cooking in the oven…pops out when its done… :)

  11. that´s a great idea and it looks really nice.