You are the CSS to my HTML


After the Button comes the T-Shirt: You are the CSS to my HTML.

UPDATE: You can now purchase it over at

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  1. Once again, they don’t ship to Portugal! :(

  2. perfect gift for my husband! awesome, bookmarked!

  3. this is awesome! I want one! I’m steadily building up a collection of these kinds of t’shirts (i lovingly terming them ‘geek tees). Going to add this one to my wishlist.
    Great find!

  4. Very nice but you’re not bothered with helvetica vs. arial?

  5. The font used is Gotham HT. :)

  6. What is You are the CSS to my HTML mean?
    what does it mean?

  7. Why would anyone tell someone this? It’s like you exist only to make me look good. :(

  8. It´s not that CSS makes HTML beautiful, it means that sometimes, without proper CSS, HTML gets totally wrecked! Great shirt, anyway!