I’ll take that to go

cup holder

A clever, and less-spillage-inclined solution to the stressful task of carrying out multiple cups of coffee. (As a bonus, it also offers acres of branding space.)

(thank you jon and sunset)

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  1. I do think this is a great way to carry the drinks, however it seems flawed in the other stops the drinks may take along the way. Sitting in your car, sitting on a table/desk. Anything along the way to their final destination. Since they are all in a line there is no stability, and would tip over very easily. Which is where the current common design excels.

  2. Thanks for the link to this find – our puny little blog traffic was sent into the stratosphere!

    I felt honour bound to find more about this quick post, and traced the creator of the concept to a Montreal based Graphic Designer – Homer Mendoza.


    Thanks again for the link.

  3. They had similar things for pints of beer at a couple of music festivals I went to this summer. Very useful.

  4. does anyone else have more designs like this or links to people who design these?