Love What You Do


I agree with Chris, this PSU Student Show poster is wonderful.

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  1. This poster is so creative! Perfect for a student show.

  2. Your last post link is broken, Tina, but it’s a good chance for us to see your cool 404 page design. Liking it.

  3. Thanks David, I fixed the link!

  4. love the airfull simplicity of the sky that comes in! we did something similar once with a letterhead for a beachclub (laser cut though and very small) : (6th pic)

  5. Thank you very much for the post! I’m glad you like the poster. It was fun to make =)

  6. Hey
    can I buy one for my NY studio? Let me know if I can send you a check. I teach at parsons in NYC and this resonates. Like it. Found this through my Twitter-feed.

    Karen Nourse
    521 W 26th St. 8th floor
    NY, NY 10001

    warm regards!

  7. That’s my school! And I’m in the GD program. They’re showcasing some of my friend’s work. :D

  8. @Karen: I”d love to send you one! Will you contact me via email? Thanks so much!
    [email protected]

  9. makes me proud to be a PSU graphic design alumni!

  10. woot! PSU GD..i love being a part of this wonderful program!

  11. thank you for linking this up! Portland State has amazing students and I am so happy to be teaching them!

  12. Wow! You guys are so awesome. I am a current student of the PSU GD program and will be in the show, along side my amazing peers. Thanks Swissmiss for featuring the poster! Portland loves you!

  13. Great poster! It puts me in mind of the series of advice posters the design students at Falmouth did for the following year’s intake: