I am not big on flash sites but this site made me look.

(via webcreme)

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  1. Love the colors. Usually I disapprove of Flash sites as well, there’s nothing here that couldn’t have been done with Javascript, still: it is beautifully done.


  3. yeah, too slow (on very fast connection). looks nice though.

  4. The thought of coding that in javascript makes my brain hurt, but in Flash, that’d be easy. The biggest complaint though is all the loading. They should optimize some of the imagery and be doing some background preloading while still at the main level. The top level interface is pretty cool and fun, and I love the colors. I do find the arrows to navigate on the lower levels to be kind of confusing. I shouldn’t really have to read instructions to use a portfolio site.

  5. I can’t believe I let this domain name lapse. I bought it back when I did my senior thesis on the Organic Grid

  6. colourblind rainbow – the background

  7. “I am not big on flash sites but this site made me look.” <—- My thoughts exactly. Well done.