Modern Nativity Set / Less is more

minimal nativity setminimal nativity set

This modern and “less is more approach” Nativity Set made me laugh out loud. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

(thank you jon)

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  1. Very clever : )

  2. It wouldn’t be Christmas for me without a cheap plastic nativity! This is far too classy for Christmas :P

  3. I think Joseph and his son Jesus, as carpenters, would appreciate the wooden tribute

  4. My 14 month just going to love this, but not I’m not sure if he can be convinced of not trying to ease his teething aches with baby jesus…

  5. LOL, not sure I’m convinced that less is more in this instance! If I gave this to my kids, they’d go …”what the…”

    Ha ha… I like detail too much methinks.

  6. What a great twist on a very old idea!

  7. haha…my fiance’s been writing German words on everything in the house to teach me the language. He’ll love this!