Mustache Bandages


Mustache Bandages. (I need to stop this facial hair madness currently happening on this channel. I know.)

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  1. This moustache-thing is getting out of hand!

  2. Keep the mustaches coming!

  3. i agree with JJ! Keep them coming! I love those bandages!

  4. Hey, please, enoguh with the moustaches. Its as if you had nothing else to post. Really, it’s tiresome.

  5. Oh, Señorita Puri, you might just have to put your mustache blinders on when reading swissmiss. These posts make me happy!

  6. I got love for the mustache! Hope the craze never ends.

  7. Okay, okay, here’s your moustache robot -hopefully i’ll get credit for this one, instead of emails against poor me ;-)

  8. I think that this mustache craze is going to hang on for quite a while Roberta! Mustache mugs are one of my big sellers in my online shop…

  9. MOUSTACHE MAGAZIN might intereset you as well ;-)

  10. how can I get this stuff? I love it :)