Stefan Sagmeister | The Power of Time Off

(thank you Burks)

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  1. Watched this in bed over the weekend. He is amazing.

  2. I think I saw Stefan at FEAST in Brooklyn this Saturday ( Seems like a good guy.

  3. There are so many great presentations on TED. My wife and I watch one almost every week!

  4. Extremely inspiring, I’m check the other presentations out for sure! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. great!

    am just having a day off, to catch up with myself after a few weeks of hectic work.


  6. That awesome dog-lamp he showed is called the Iditarod Lamp – more info on it here:

  7. well this is something I was just looking for ,
    I have recently finished my master in communication design .. have been working non stop since then , and one fine morning woke up and gave up my job … cause I felt what I was doing was not fulfilling, it wasn’t adding anything to my skill set. It was just churn and burn.

    Scary at it might seem .. I think this video just brightened up my mood…