What’s your favorite design related word?


At today’s CreativeMorning with amazing Zachary Lieberman our Conversation Starter Tag asked the following question: What’s your favorite design related word?

What’s your answer?

(And here are pictures of today’s CreativeMorning)

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  1. My favorite design related word is MESSAGE. It’s a wonderful thing.

  2. i think mine is APPROVED

  3. Can I hyphenate “white-space” and count it as one word?

  4. I am gonna kind of agree with the third one.
    My favourite words are “colour” and “architecture”

  5. I would say “What If,” but it’s two words. So “Wonder” is a great pick :)

  6. My favorite design related word is PAID

  7. I’m a lettering artist so my design word is text-ure.

    With a name like Weiss I also like the third one.

  8. I like some of the words mentioned before, space and minimal, but I think mine is ‘Inspired’.

  9. “Meeting canceled.”

    Something that is missing from Design today

  11. Mine is “KISS” (Keep it Simple, Stupid OR Keep it Short and Simple”)

  12. mein liebstes Wort ist »konsistent«

  13. I love Wonder and Inspired… but will say BALANCE

  14. conceptual

  15. It’d have to be TYPE for me!

    I love the person who picked WYSIWYG though.

  16. My design-related-word is COMFORT

  17. I would have to co-sign onto Adri’s response: Balance

  18. It was such a wonderful event. My word was Whitespace.

    Thanks again Tina!

  19. Why don’t you use favoritewords.com for your list? It’s a free tool, lacks some features but it’s still in beta, so… I am pretty sure you’ll love using it. Thanks for posting your words.