Sled Coffee Table and Rug

sled coffee table and rug

Sledding was a huge part of my swiss upbringing, so it comes to no surprise that this Sled Coffee Table and Rug made me smile. A Coffee table that interacts with its Rug, the coffee table is in the shape of a traditional child’s sled and sits neatly into a thick pile rug with two deep groves cut into it, giving the impression of compressed snow under the weight of the skis.

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  1. Apropos Swiss, hier in Chile gibt´s Trinkschokolade Namens “SwissMiss”. Kaffee gekauft, umgedreht, Packung gesehen und da musste ich an das Blog denken

  2. This would make a great table for my son. If I didn’t know it, I would have guessed that this was a Canadian design.

  3. Wow, I love this. I think there needs to be more toboggan decor in general.

  4. I could never put this in my living room. Because it would simply never stay in front of the sofa: my 2 years old son would bring it around in the apartment all the time!

  5. I grew up in Montreal, another cold, snowy place, and so am utterly charmed by this.

  6. rooooosseeeeebuuuuuuuuddd