An imperfect list of obsolete

Obsolete, an encyclopedia of once-common things passing us by.


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  1. I truly mourn the airport goodbyes (and greetings). It was such a comfort to me as I left for college to turn around and wave goodbye to my friends and family at the gate.

  2. There a lot of things that made me sad on that list. Some great discoveries can be made when you get lost. Film still looks better than digital. And the airport goodbye is a classic “living your life like the movies” moment that’s now denied to us. At least in the US.

  3. Privacy is listed twice, for good reason. Airport goodbyes were awesome. I still use a landline 80’s phone and sometimes type letters using my Smith-Corona. It makes me happy.

  4. Aw, how melancholy. i don’t miss airport goodbyes, personally.

  5. You can have the handkerchiefs. Those were disgusting.