Cafe Moomah Collage Builder

Two weeks ago G, Ella and I checked out Cafe Moomah in Manhattan and we were impressed. It’s a beautifully designed space for children and their parents. It’s a cozy cafe and an art oasis for little ones. While G and I enjoyed yumme brunch with friends, Ella did a fun art project under the guidance of an art teacher. (She was able to pick from 7 different art projects, which cost around $14) Ella was in heaven, and so were we. I just checked out Moomah’s site and discovered this online collage builder and drawing tool which I can’t wait to show Ella tonight:

Picture 9

If you have a little one, go and check out Moomah on 161 Hudson Street in New York!

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  1. how cool is this! could be a coffeeshop in zurich…. would be nice!

  2. That collage builder is such a wonderful idea! Thanks for the link!

  3. oh my gosh. i was just looking at the gallery on the moomah website. the atmosphere of the place looks absolutely amazing and inspiring.

    i want to visit it so bad!

  4. No way I can make it to Manhatten but my son will definitely enjoy the online collage builder. Thanks for sharing.

  5. it looks so nice!

  6. Thanks for the cool link!