Hey Milwaukee! Come see me speak!


Hey Milwaukee! I am so excited to announce an upcoming tomorrow’s speaking engagement in your lovely town! Join me for an AIGA Talk on Friday November 6th, 2009 6:30pm at Hanson Dodge who will be generously hosting the event.

We are lucky to hear from contemporary designer and fresh-as-a-minute blogger extraordinaire Tina Roth Eisenberg. Counting her blog Swiss Miss as a vibrant part of her business model, Eisenberg is a Swiss designer who now resides in New York City. She studied design in Geneva and Munich and has worked at several prominent NYC design firms, including Thinkmap, where she was Design Director and helped design the award-winning Visual Thesaurus. Eisenberg now runs her own studio, with recent clients including the Museum of Modern Art and the Food Network. The self-proclaimed “Swiss Miss” says, “My aesthetics reveal my Swiss roots – I am a firm believer in white space and clean, elegant design.” Tina Roth Eisenberg is a well-rounded, gregarious and energetic designer and true lover of design. She will share insights into the work she’s done in New York City and how her blog has opened many doors.

Register Now! See you on November 6th! Yay!

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  1. Looking forward to it! I’m your greatest fan! :-)

  2. That’s worth a train ticket! Count me in… maybe with banana bread in tow ;)

  3. Poster would be nicer if the iMac’s screensaver corresponded to the start time of the event.

  4. We’re ready and waiting. Herwig’s even loaning me an airbed for our extra guest. :)

  5. Get OUT!!! Frantically clearing off my Nov. 6th calendar . . .

  6. your so awesome tina …… this is one of my favorite pics of the studio. congrats lady.

  7. Well, the pressure’s on now…
    Thanks for doing this for AIGA Wisconsin. I know you’re very busy. We’re really excited to bring you to the other side of the cheese curtain.

  8. and then a drive down to Indiana maybe? Ha. No one like to come to Indiana…

  9. thanks for the shout out for this event tina! we can’t wait!

  10. i work in the same building! i hope i can make it!

  11. eeeee! i am SO THERE.

    hire me as your intern this summer?

  12. I’m loving the studio! Is that wall mounted workbench self fabricated or can I buy it from somewhere? I wants! Wish I lived in the US… I would so go to this.

  13. How could I NOT be there?

  14. Can’t wait! See you (all) there.

  15. I have that screensaver!

  16. The crowd demands Swissmiss in Europe !

  17. Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

  18. Thank you for coming to our city. I believe you are a Milwaukeean in this life. Even with out the cheese hat!! Very inspiring.

  19. Thank you so much for the amazing, inspiring talk. It was so nice to see you, and meet your fab developer!

  20. ah… when are you going to make it out to the Chi?!

  21. Hey, thanks so much for speaking to the sold-out crowd! That was a really super event. Everyone had a really nice time. We’re getting a lot of props for that event. How can we top that? Thank your doctor for me, too, for allowing you to travel. Cheers!

  22. Thanks to everyone that came out. What a *fantastic* event that was. I from now on, will only accept a speaking engagement if they’ll provide a dj and chocoloate fondue. ;) Thank you AIGA Wisconsin, Thank you Hanson Dodge!