How do people see you on Twitter


Michael has an interesting post about Twitter Lists in which I learned about Enter your twitter name see the names of Twitter lists associated with your account. Here’s mine about swissmiss. Some of the tags that made me laugh are designhappy, beasts_of_twitter, mayo (?) and webrockers.

What are some of yours that made you chuckle?

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  1. “breath of fresh air” was one I really appreciated.

    I’m tickled to be seen as so many things at once: writer dudes and literati ladies, ny tech, awesome cute, conversationalist, industry_intelligence …

  2. This user was not added to any lists. =(

    Does that mean I don’t exist? Oh.. to be or not to be twitter-listed, that’s the question!

  3. I think you can see that by clicking “listed” on twitter itself.

  4. the tag “robots” made me laugh on mine.

  5. Great find, Tina. About the 10th tag for me was ‘rock’ and a click later, I discovered that I’m someone’s list of people-that-rock. Cool.