Can anyone tell me who this is from? Saw it over on PrintSociety. Designed by Beauchamping, view his etsy store here.

(By the way, PrintSociety’s Size Chart made me laugh)

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  1. If you like that, then you’ll also love (my personal fav) Greg’s States United print:

    Versions available for purchase through etsy as letterpress:
    & hand transfers:

  2. I love it, but no “P”? hm

  3. Go to his etsy store and looked at the zoomed in pics, you will see why there is no “P”

    Gregory is a great guy, I have been chatting with him since I posted this print on my blog a month or 2 ago.

    I also got a special print from him of my favorite letter on the print “Y”

  4. hah…no “p”. still very nice.

  5. That’s really nice! I love simple things printed onto a nice stock. As soon as I saw there was no ‘P’ I knew why!

    Really nice and his other work is great too.

  6. hello……….
    where is alphabet”Pp”