MeasureMe Stick


How incredibly cool is this MeasureMe Stick that transforms the traditional ruler into a playful, modern growth chart. Pretty! In fact, this would not only be cool for Ella’s room but in our living-room in general. We could add all our friends that stop by.

(thank you denise)

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  1. it’s all fun and games until it falls of the tiny knob and kills someone.

  2. My wife was making her own charts with a wood plank and some nice illustrations painted on them for our friends’ kids. The nice thing was that they were movable. Scribble, I like the tree growth chart, but it seems like $85 is a little steep for just a decal.

  3. @Ganger Design, Ouch, why you gotta be a hater. Its a big decal, what can I say. Plus its not just a decal, its memories and growth captured on vinyl. Can you put a price on that… I didn’t think so, HA HA!

  4. I must say that $85 is a tad steep in my mind for that particular product (they aren’t being a hater!).

    But lots of your stuff is way cool….hence my blog;

  5. Well I guess I better reduce the price if I’ve heard it from more than one person. So let it be, so let it be written. It is now $70, or is that still too much?

  6. Actually I figured out a way to reduce it down using less material so its now $60. That should do it… right?