Rabbit made out of carrots


Printers Gavin Martin Associates wanted to promote their conversion to eco-friendly vegetable inks, and did so by creating a poster with a giant rabbit painstakingly created in carrots. Made me smile.

(thank you francisco)

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  1. I need to have a self-portrait made out of Haagen Dasz containers.

  2. Orange bunnies arn’t practical but I see where they’re going …

  3. I love this!!

    ( Orange bunnies are practical—as pillows for their sweethearts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boltandfrolic/4014787687/ )

    : D

  4. Grande!!!

  5. Makes me think a bit of Mitsuru Koga’s driftwood dinosaur sculptures.


  6. i have an orange bunny and she’s gorgeous and practical!

  7. Now just need a hairy wolf to eat that bunny XD