Best Made Co. Axes

Who knew I could drool over the design of an Axe? Check out these by Best Made Co.

(via made in england)

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  1. Did you see the gorgeous cover of Uppercase Mag?

  2. for $250? no thanks.

  3. These are also great sources of color inspiration for any of you with vintage steel bikes. Beautiful!

  4. What a crock. Paint + masking tape = fashion axe.

  5. I don’t know why, but it seems like a crime against the universe to have an axe with cutesy stripes on the handle.

    What’s next, the official unveiling of the Jonathon Adler electric chair?

    This can’t be allowed to stand.

  6. I want one. I live in a Victorian terrace, I have no working fireplaces, and last time I checked, I wasn’t a lumberjack. But still. I want one. Weird.

  7. For people with more money than sense.

  8. The perfect axe for someone who would never actually use an axe.

  9. this would never be used, an axe with a finish on the handle tends to cause more blisters then a natural untreated wood one does. For $250 per axe, i could make the same exactly damn thing for a fraction of the cost, and still not want to mount it anywhere in any house i design. Or i could sell it for $75 and still make a ridiculous profit…

  10. I just like the grouping of them photographically. Beautiful!

  11. The funny thing here…most of you don’t understand that this is some of the finest branding that can be found anywhere. Clean and raw… perfection. An axe with paint and masking tape is just an axe with paint… this is functional art

  12. Pretty, but foolish. For serious axes made by real Swedish blacksmiths try Gransfors Bruks. Or find an American antique. Dont bother to paint it. Chop up a fallen tree or try hewing a log flat. Its fun!

  13. Those are awesome. Feh to the haters.

  14. Creep me out they look like deer hooves with upper leg,