Hydropal Filter Water Bottle


I absolutely love the concept of this Hydropal Filter Water Bottle which filters tap water so you don’t have to buy and throw away bottled water. But please, somebody come up with a snazzier design. (sigh)

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  1. Brita used to make something like this. Had one about 8 or 9 years ago. It was a plain white bottle with a blue cap… not exactly a gorgeous design, but not as garish as this.

  2. An I absolutely love the concept of drinkable tap water…

  3. Gretha Oost developed a rather beautiful bottle with a plunging filter, but it hasn’t yet been taken in to production (they’re waiting for 10,000 pre-orders): http://www.321-water.com/

  4. I’m a current graduate from Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, ca and a fellow product design student just did a prototype of a beautiful filtered bottle. I really hope it gets picked up for production.

  5. A friend recently told me about a new bottle called Hydros Bottle that has a nice sleek design and might be what you’re looking for! :) http://www.hydrosbottle.com/

  6. The biggest problem with carbon filters in bottles these days is that you actually need to be able to squeeze the bottle to get the water out quicker. I agree with Swiss Miss – the Hydropal is the best one of all the ones I’ve tried and it sure can do with a snazzier design!
    For me, the Hydropal is the best one I’ve tried…but that’s just me…

  7. The better is sigg bottle because i can say it on my personal experience.