Wow, this unusual wall storage shelf-thingy called Imeüble made me look. Designed by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad, a newly educated furniture designer with a masters degree from 2009 from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

(via @designglut)

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  1. I have a rear thing for this cube motif, and I tend to draw it on everything. This looks great, and I think I need it (although I’d probably keep it empty so as not to corrupt the colour pattern).

  2. A REAL thing, not a rear thing. Ahem.

  3. M.C. Escher would have been proud.

  4. great design, where can I get it in NYC?

  5. A Q-bert closet! Cool! Does it have the !#$@$^&&#@ soundeffect whenever you take something out?

  6. Where can i buy this thing, webpage or store??