LEGO CD Boombox


I bought this LEGO CD Boombox for little Ella yesterday. I hope she is going to be as excited about it as I am. Way cool for a kids room, no?

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  1. way cool even for an adult’s room :-)

  2. Yeah… “kid’s room”. You’re not fooling anyone!

  3. Busted! Yes, I am secretly hoping Ella will diss it so I can use it. Chances are high, as she currently wants everything in ‘pink’.

  4. You need a Lego t.v. and a gaming console to snap onto it. How about a whole bedroom set? Come to think of it, that might be too much. A cool radio, nonetheless.

  5. That’s so rad. I had one of these when I was a kid –

    I would want a pink one too.

  6. Tina, Tina, Tina…it comes in pink! Poor little Ella.

    At least Lloyd can order it now.

  7. Ha, I know, I know. I was pretending it didn’t come in pink! :)

  8. that’s really cool! I want one ;))

  9. are these stackable? :)

  10. Ha these are great! Would love to have for myself.

  11. This is fantastic. Forget about kids. I want it for myself!

  12. So cool!!!

    I’m always looking at stuff like this for my step-sons, knowing deep down in side that it’s really for me and that their reaction will be ‘meh’!

  13. awesome…they got an LEGO Alarm Clock Radio – Blue…that’s so gonna be the Christmas gift for myself :)