Candle Light Raclette


How incredibly cool is this Candle Light Raclette set that comes with a superhip truck-tarp pouch? Made me smile and want melted cheese at 7:16am.

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  1. I don’t even understand what this is…but I want it!

  2. mmmm raclette…

  3. A must for a hardcore raclette fan.

  4. there’s a cheap one from emmi. and it rocks… (but this one is very stylish)

    u need just a couple of minutes for perfect raclette. its just perfect.

  5. Where oh where can I get something like this in the USA, NYC would be even better!

  6. which do shop have candle light raclette set??? l live in Oval, London. where do l buy raclette cheese from? let me know. Thanks

  7. Where can I buy candle light raclette in USA