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Dear readers, I am looking to find architecture firms (or design firms in general) that managed to successfully incorporate a blog into their site. Do any come to mind? Would you mind to leave urls in a comment below? Thanks so much!

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  1. I can’t find many if they exist. I run a very small office, 2-3 people, and have a website and generic wordpress blog, not very integrated I’m afraid. I think most architects have left the world of writing up to the academics.
    Very interested to see what responses you get.

  2. Madhouse, a graphics firm in Toledo, Ohio, has a blog. – click on Madlove

  3. lovely ladies whose work is as delightful as they and their delicious blog

  4. Well , they do design and advertising, and you probably know them, but just to make sure WK London

  5. Some great sites we’ve worked on with architectural clients who have really adopted the use of blogging to document their thoughts, inspirations and culture.

    Henriquez Partners:
    Their blog:

    As well as the use of a lot of blogs (on a per student basis) for the UBC School of Landscape and Architecture:

    Curious to find some other examples of architects who have adopted blogging!

  6. I’ve always enjoyed the blog run by Build out of Seattle. Their Modern List of city recommendations is also pretty well done.

  7. Morphosis Architecture has a wikipedia type site that includes a news blog:

  8. Here’s one that’s been around for a while. Brennan + Company Architects in Baltimore has a blog:

    Their website is

  9. A San Francisco-based landscape design studio specializing in contemporary and contextual residential projects.

  10. Mir ist grad spontan eingefallen.
    Sehr bekanntes dänisches Büro.

  11. VIA Architecture has a great blog (I think it’s relatively new… started this year), but have really great content about Vancouver BC and Seattle, where their offices are located. — they also have a pretty good following on Twitter

    I also enjoy Build Blog (linked to already).

  12. Blog is design integrated not technically…

    Dutch company from Tilburg

  13. Maybe you’ll find some examples via the architect community

  14. I was following, but it seems to be boring slice of employees life- rather than design greatness in practice.

  15. We’ve got a kitchen design blog here at Johnny Grey Studios called Grey Matters.


    These guys are like hedrich blessing 2.0

  17. Just here to second I subscribe to several design blogs, but swissmiss and Build LLC are among the two I actually read regularly.

  18. My personal favorite is Michelle Kaufmann (@mkaufmann on Twitter) :: Her blog is fantastic.


    we just started ours a month ago and it’s a slow process but we have some really great topics waiting in the wings right now!

  20. Alchemy Architects of St. Paul, MN, best known for their Weehouse, has an interesting blog at:


    Are a couple that I follow Miss Swiss

  22. What typeface is that?

  23. Favorite:

    Sidney-based firm

  24. Oops, Sydney-based.


    While they don’t necessarily have a blog they do have a Facebook page and a lot of personal energy in their website.

  26. I recently started to follow the following three blogs by architects :

    Slow Home

    100K House

    Linebox Studio

  27. Spain based architects ‘ecosistema urbano’ have a powerfull website, better than a blog, based on a comunity.

    And from Chile (southamerica) Durán Architects (D+) , who mix their work between activism, web 2.0, and sustainability.

  28. I work for Walters-Storyk Design Group, we are an architectural acoustics firm specializing in recording studios–just up the road from you in Highland, NY!

    Here’s our blog:

  29. This architecture and design firm runs purely from a wordpress blog

  30. There is a firm here in Denmark called Designit.

  31. try
    Flash site thou the news section is based on a blog

  32. Definitely this one, which is my friend’s blog: He also writes

  33. hi! I stumbled across this one >
    is there any specific reason why you are interested in architecture-firms blogs?

  34. We have one at HOK, but it’s not a part of our site. It’s separate.

  35. mammoth ( I’m not sure of their status as a firm, per se (they go by ‘cartel’), but they enter design competitions.

  36. we started blogging on 5 years ago as a way to share information intra-office. it has blown up a bit since.

  37. news section

  38. Good question. Here is a very professional blog from the architecture firm WATG. This blog has a public interoffice vibe. Like an extension of transparency to their firm. I think this is a very good example. Click on the architecture category (or any other category you’re interested in) to kick off the “fluff”! The blog seems heavy with information, that doesn’t seem relevant to understanding the firm. (Of course it is relevant, but when you first meet the blog their is a strong desire to find what really interests you.) It seems to be a very good model for firms to develop (to build image and interoffice discussion.) I’d like to know what the employees think.

  39. morphopedia, sort of

  40. Michelle Kauffman, of course. She is the queen of architecture social media, she has everything on her website; videos, tweets, blog, you name it.


    really good site and blog with interesting projects
    by Maurer United Architects/ maastricht

  42. Blogs in Hebrew relevant?
    We started ours only recently, and are still “learning the ropes” of keeping a blog.
    Will be interested to read the reason for your question and any insights you find.


    I read nearly every post. And I don’t work there.

  44. I like Super Colossal as well:

  45. CODA Studio based in Fremantle, Western Australia:

  46. We follow a eclectic architecture blog that seems to capture the latest happenings in design and culture. It has a nice breadth of information and a great “voice.”

    The blog is linked to, but not fully integrated with, their website.

  47. Also, the 100K house blog is terrific.

    It provides a very thorough look at the real-time building of passive housing, and other juicy info. They are way out in front on the passive haus.

  48. Sure do!
    they just recently got nominated for a Mobbie Award! (the Baltimore Sun Blog Awards in Sept).

  49. There’s a tiny firm the washington / baltimore area that has a great architectural blog:

  50. Detroit based Hamilton Anderson have a really nice blog.

  51. I’ve incorporated mine,actually the whole thing is built within wordpress.

  52. …oh and sorry in advance it’s not an architecture firm.

  53. Hi SM have offices across Australia and SE Asia and have a ‘magazine’ tab on their homepage – a good blog by another name

  54. Thank you all for the amazing link suggestions and resources. Fantastic and oh, so helpful! I’ve added quite a few of your suggestions to my ‘visit often’ bookmarks folder…

  55. We’ve been working along side a wonderful architectural firm called Room11 who are based in Hobart and Melbourne. We recommend you check out their blog as it is a constant source of inspiration for us:

  56. W+K Delhi has 2 Blogs. which talks about their day to day activities. deals with quirky titbits about India. Food, places etc. My favourite post is Ojasvi Mohanty.html

    Hope this helps.

  57. Birmingham UK based architectural blog

  58. This is the website + blog, all in wordpress, i designed for CH + VL architecture firm. The pics are integrated with Flickr using tags.

  59. The blog isn’t really integrated with their actual site, but the Studio On Fire blog, Best Pieces is a really awesome place to see some great letter press work.

  60. My firm, Studio SC just launched our blog last week. We’re pretty proud of it:

    Seattle, represent!

  61. We have one at ; it’s plugged into the front page of our website.

  62. Thought I’d add mine to the fray:
    Open Architecture Workshop at

  63. Not exactly what you are asking for but there is a facebook/social networking site for architects: Blogs included.

  64. Ow, you don’t have this one??

    ;) Happy Holidays!

  65. Marcenaria Barauna

    Marcenaria Barauna came into being as an extension of the practice of the Brasil Arquitetura Studio. In 1986, after some years of practicing architectural design, summoned up the energy to set off a new adventure, meeting a demand that pulsated in us for some time: manufacture our furniture designs.

  66. Maybe you should be looking for Architecture Bloggers that also get hired to work on Architecture from time-to-time.

  67. dear swissmiss
    leave you this link to a portuguese architecture firm – ATELIER MOB.


    architects // web designers

  69. An interactive firm that incorporates a blog into their site:


    this blog is a very interesting collective for design ideas
    by Kavitha Rayirath.

    A brazilian page made by archtecture students and teachers

    Design-agency from Frankfurt Germany

  73. Danish design house Normann Copenhagen has got a very interesting blog, on which they post spotted stuff, and promote their own products too. Very clever!


    Official site

  74. I use wordpress for my architectural firms website at and have my own architecture/design/photography general blog at as well as design related twittering at

  75. My own RIBA Chartered Practice in the UK has a an intermittent blog page:
    We are a small architect’s practice specialising in sustainable architecture in historic contexts.

  76. Not a practice,but architecture related, its a blog following a final year student at Kingston Uni, and the projects hes been set

    worth a shout, and a look

    quite interesting

  77. is the blog alter ego of, an architecture office from Lisbon, Portugal.

  78. My old practice Hawkins\Brown has a blog ( however it is only sporadically updated. Daryl Chen who blogs now and then at Hawkins\Brown runs a very good blog called with Liam Young, definately worth a look.

  79. My previous practice Hawkins\Brown has a blog ( however it is only sporadically updated. Daryl Chen who blogs now and then at Hawkins\Brown runs a very good blog called with Liam Young, definately worth a look.

  80. Sorry if you had already chosen to redact this – I wasn’t sure whether my comment was posted correctly, since I didn’t use the “notify me of further comments on this post” checkbox!

    Architectural Photography
    Associated Blog

  81. Hello we a small office at the hearth of mexico city we have our blog with the projects of the office you can contact us and have a look to our web site at ” proyectos en proceso ” in the spanish section we would love to be in touch

    i live working with great designers and i love wordpress. if you need to integrate your blog into your site i might be able to help.

  83. this firm recently just turned their website into a blog.

  84. Try Ziger-Snead, a wonderful architectural firm in Baltimore.

  85. Why viewers still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world all is existing on web?