TeuxDeux: A simple, designy, to-do app


I have been looking forward to this moment: the launch of my simple, designy, free, browser-based to-do application called TeuxDeux.

It all started a few months back, when I got into a conversation with my studiomate Cameron about to-do apps. I have tried pretty much every to do-app
there is but always wanted a different layout or feature set, mostly, LESS *fewer* features. I figured out what works for me (a weekview, with the ability to check things off) but I couldn’t find it anywhere. After I gave Cameron my vision of what ‘my’ perfect to-do app would look like, he simply said: “Well, design it and Evan and I will build it!” And that’s exactly what we did. TeuxDeux is the first collaboration between FictiveKin and swissmiss.

TeuxDeux is designed around my personal work-flow and preference of how I like my to-do’s organized. As I pretty much ‘live’ in the browser, I have it set to be my homepage, so, every time I open a browser window (which is every few minutes) I am being hit over the head with what I need to get done, which has proven to be very effective.

In TeuxDeux, you always see and entire week in front of you and you see what day of the week you’re on. Days in the past are light gray, the actual day is red and days in the future are black. You have the ability of checking items off, which is incredibly satisfying. But, you can also ‘x’ an item off, delete it, if you want to get rid of the clutter. Up to you.

Items that you didn’t take care of ‘today’ will automatically be moved to the next day. Also, you can manually drag items from one day to another time in the future.

Then there’s the “Someday Section”: Sometimes you just need to jolt down an upcoming to-do that doesn’t need to be taken care of in the immediate future. Just get it out of your head by adding it to the someday section. My studiomate and avid TeuxDeux tester Chesley actually figured out a nice little hack in making the Someday section more useful: She labeled the columns within that section for different projects and areas on her life. (personal, work, family, email…)

TeuxDeux is as minimal as it gets, and we like it like that. Give it a spin and let us know what you think. (Use the feedback tab at the bottom for your comments)

And yes, we are working on an iPhone app! Promised! Follow us on twitter.com/teuxdeux to stay in the loop!

Watch our little demo video by Cameron:

TeuxDeux Demo from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.

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  1. wow. that is cool. i´ve been searching for a good to-do app for a long time. and specially great that you are working on an iPhone app too.

    thanks a lot!

  2. This is cool. It’s exactly the way I use iCal with ToDo items as time slots in the day and the ToDo column for “someday” events. That way I can get a better idea how much time an item is going to take and be more realistic about my time management. It’s also spotlight friendly and syncs with gCal.

    But TeuxDeux looks neat too :D

  3. As soon as I saw this I thought “great material for an iPhone app” even though I don’t own an iPhone. Brilliant work!

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for. Beautifully designed, minimal, and works wonderfully. Thank you for taking the time to develop this.

  5. When I instantly become more organized, I will immediately credit it to you all. Congratulations!

  6. Well done you two! I wish I was that clever. It’s beautifully simple and just what the GTD doctor ordered. Loving your work and thank you very much. How can I send you a biscuit/cookie?

  7. It looks like a great app, but it is the design of it that sells it to me the most!

  8. Nice job, congrats. Love the clean design, very usable. Looking forward to the iphone app.

  9. @Josef Mueller-Brockmann:

    Yay, cookies or should I say Guetzli?!
    Here’s our studio address:

    swissmiss studio
    10 jay street suite 612a
    brooklyn NY 11201

  10. Terrific! This is the unfussy to-do tool I have been looking for. I think that helpful, gentle pang of guilt every time I try to distract myself by switching to the browser is going to work wonders.

    Looking forward to knucling down and checking off!

  11. OH MAN this is amazing. Thank you!!

  12. I just signed up. I usually use iCal synced with Google for my calendar, but for some reason the Google calendars can’t accept to do lists in iCal. This is beyond frustrating, so hopefully Teux Deux will be immensely helpful in this regard.

    It will also be interesting to see if I can deal with a web-based application. While I have a browser open all the time, too, I’m not one desktop clutter (maybe I should use Spaces more). I use a desktop RSS reader instead of Google, so I’ll have to see if this is the right solution for me.

  13. Very nice, very well done! love the cleanness of it. Now to get some stuff done ;-)

  14. I’ve been looking for an uncluttered To-To list for a long time! This is going to rock!

    Will there be a version formatted for the little iPhone screen?

  15. @ Matt

    Have you ever tried using http://fluidapp.com/ ?

    It’s good if you’re on a Mac. Not sure about PC, though.

  16. So beautiful api ! if I knew of existence of this beautiful project I would newer build my paper To Do List version http://www.vcarrer.com/2009/11/to-do-list-a4-paper-grid-design.html .


  17. This is excellent… since Im online 15 hours a day with multiple browsers, this will work amazingly! Start.io on one screen as my homepage for quick links to all the stuff I need and TeuxDeux on the other for the things I need to get done… perfectly minimalistic and beautiful.


  18. It’s not LESS features. It’s FEWER. I hate to sound like a schoolmarm, but when it’s in ALL CAPS…..

  19. Very nice indeed, I love the minimalist look and I’ve also been looking for a simple app to contain a “todo” list, so you’ve ticked all my boxes!

  20. Gorgeous! Congratulations.

  21. Looks great. How about allowing sign up/login with OpenID?

  22. @swissmiss

    You did say you wanted cookies, but I have made a more wholesome donation on your behalf. You should be receiving an email soon.

    Hope you like it.

  23. Love the design and the app which I was using in its beta form since your talk at Parsons. All of a sudden I cannot access it. I am getting a “the page you are looking for doesn’t exist” message. Who can help me revive my account?

  24. This is awesome. Thanks!
    When I scroll over the ellipse to view the entire “to-do item” it strikes it out. I understand why it would strike out when you just hover over the partial, but why when you want to view the entire item?

  25. I love it! will it work on my sprint palm pre? i would definitely download it!

  26. This is great! I started using it already. I desperately need something like this. Thank you!

  27. hey,

    been a lurker on swiss-miss forever :). love the ideas and the designs.

    TeuxDeux looks riveting, love the clean and clear look, its simple and uber user friendly. Loving it.

    Great job you guys.

  28. what a wonderful interface, what a simple setup! great work, guys! p.s. what font is that headline?

  29. thrilling! i’m all about this. thanks!! great work.

  30. i just signed up, can’t wait for the iPhone app –

    Alpha Selene DeLap
    Productivity app-obsessed in Seattle

  31. Great app, thanks for creating it.

  32. I’ve been using this since your talk at Parson’s. Love it’s simplicity!

  33. How elegant! Can’t wait for the matching iPhone app!

  34. this totally made my day! brilliant work. thanks for sharing with everyone.

  35. loving it! tweeted it!

  36. Congratulations Tina and Cameron on a no-frills straightforward webapp! Here’s to everyday TeuxDeux.

  37. @Josef Müller-Brockmann

    I haven’t tried that, but since I’m on a Mac I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion!

  38. I posted a quick little review of the app on my site here:

    Nice work Tina and Cameron! Thank you for building such a cool and simple tool. I am using it on a daily basis to keep all my shit in order :P

    – Nick

  39. Could you share the hack that Cameron worked on so we can subdivide our “someday” lists too? It’s great btw :)

  40. yay yay yay yay! it’s as if you’ve read my mind!

  41. Very well done. Really.

  42. love it. simple and to the point. thanks for sharing!

  43. Awesome awesom awesome. Can’ t wait for the iPhone app.

  44. Nice one! I swore I wouldn’t try another to-do app [I’ve just gone back to my notebook] but this I can’t resist….

  45. great! thank you so much – this is perfect!

  46. swiss miss, where have you been all my life?? i am perpetually keeing to-do lists, but have as yet not found anything more efficient or useful than a simple scrap of paper.

    this looks perfect. thank you!

  47. congrats on the launch, Tina!
    the application is as beautiful as everything you do.

  48. weee. i love it.

  49. I love it! Great work… enough already with apps that muddle my brain!

  50. awesome :)
    i hope you guys will be able to make a blackberry app! that would truly be awesome!

  51. I love this design and simple way

    just found a mistake

    when I changed my timezone from -5 to +10, and saved it. It did not affect immediately for the list ( like Thursday in -5 timezone , but Friday in +10 timezone)

  52. works great on android right in the browser!

  53. Looks fantastic, functions well. Consider it bookmarked. Thank you ma’am, you have made my day.

  54. I love, love, love, love it!!!!!! Thanks!

  55. Best to-do ever. Brilliant.

  56. VERY lovely, nice and simple! started to use straight away :)

  57. Nice interface, a really good start!

    It seems to be a little buggy though – I scroll a few days and then all of a sudden duplicate days start showing up (see screenshot here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45469315@N03/4175553766/ )

    Has anyone checked out http://www.gqueues.com ? It seems to have a really clean interface too, except its lists are more centered around projects than days. I like it because I sign in with my Gmail account and it integrates with Google Calendar, and it’s much better than Google Tasks.

    Anyway, nice work with the app.

  58. This is gorgeous!

  59. I’ve used it for one day so far, and enjoyed checking every item off the list.

  60. I love it! I can’t deal with complicated to do lists, so I usually write mine it. This is essentially exactly what I do, but online! Thank you!

  61. It’s lovely. If I had anything of an actual life I’d totally use it. With no job, no girlfriend, about the only thing I need to do is let my dog out in the morning to pee.

  62. I kind of hate to say this because I’ve been non-stop bugglng friends, especially those with iPhones, that Things is the best thing since sliced bread since it was still in beta.
    Having said that, as soon as I watched the video, I realized that I’ve actually come to resent Things a little a little bit. It’s just too busy.
    I don’t need all those labels and different categories of tasks.
    I need to know what I’m supposed to be doing right now and for the manageably foreseeable future. And a place to drop all the things I plan to do someday.
    And that’s exactly what you given me! Even if this app weren’t all gorgeous and what not, I’d still use it. You need an iPhone version though.

  63. this is awesome! simple, clean and super easy to use.
    if you could please add a section for shopping list, that would be perrrrrfect!
    looking forward to getting the iPhone version, too!
    this will be my life saver :) thank you!!

  64. Aaaahhh. I breathe easier. Thank you.

  65. brilliant.
    i was using “Memiary” but this is so much better.


  66. props to cameron for the video. the bit about adding things to the past and time traveling had me LOL.

  67. this came just at the right time! I’m just wondering, how would you say teuxdeux, I mean phonetically?

  68. and also, I don’t believe in cookies as much as I believe in chocolate :) what’s your studio’s favourite Lindt chocolate?

  69. Pure Genius!
    Don’t add any features


  70. Thank you very much! grazie mille! vielen dank! merci beaucoup!

  71. Thanks for this! Looks good, works good!! (-:

  72. @Sarah, ToDo?? (with a tinge of Inspector Clouseau?)

    btw, short review yesterday on FastCompany

  73. Looks like a great app!

  74. Great job on the web app! Congrats!

  75. Hi –

    Love it. I started using it at my day job. One thing on that. It would be great to be able to have it print well either in “Print Friendly” mode or maybe as a PDF. I can also see how this could stand in as a time tracker too if simple math was added. // Jeff

  76. Clean, simple, very good.

  77. Beautifully designed and very helpful. I falled in love with it!

  78. whoa, so simple and perfect. well done!

  79. It truly is perfect. Thank you for making my dreams a reality.

  80. Love it! Hopefully, the iPhone App comes soon!!!

  81. lovely, this is the simpliest, yet sophisticated in it’s perfectly ideal elegance ,application
    i’ve been hoping for this for so long ! thanks , for not only did you made my day but you’ve just made my life easier

  82. Looks great! I appreciate how simple it is but I do wish it had a sharing feature like Tadalist. I’m constantly using social to do lists to collaborate.

  83. I am totally loving TeuxDeux, thanks so much for making it available.The one wish I have is for a highlight color option, so you can make that really REALLY important thing a different color than the other stuff on that day’s list.

  84. So simple and so effective!
    so good!


  85. Is this the ‘no complaints’-section of this blog or are the comments filtered, sprankled with sweet candy? Come on people, it’s just a webapp. It’s not life changing, it’s not a shocking revolution in design or todo-mechanism. It’s just a simple list keeper, coated with clear design. With little flaws (buggy rendering in Opera, why _can’t_ I edit todo items in the past?) and nice little features (can’t get logged off until you actualy log off, even when typing the base url).

    Swiss Miss is somebody with a clear intuition, shaped within years of putting hours into recognizing and working good design and, most important, stays on focus, putting an item up this blog every day.

    Easy does it, a little nuance now and again from her readers would only sharpen the toolset (intuition) even more.

    I see now the comment form says ‘Please, be nice!’. I think this comment follows that guideline, adding a bit of nuance, keeping things nice.

  86. You made it. It looks great. It works. It’s free. Sorry Kennett (above) – no complaints from me.What’s to dislike about great, easy, efficient, friendly, free design? Um…nuthin’.

  87. as much as i would love to have an iphone, don’t forget about the blackberries! this sounds great, can’t wait to use it on my home computer!

  88. Any possible chance of being able to get some sort of feature that enables readers to automatically re-add items? It would absolutely help if one was trying to get into the habit of doing a certain thing, but, perhaps, forgot every so often. Other than that, this is fantastic. Thank you!

  89. bisher waren mir to-do listen ein greuel. diese könnte es in meinen alltag schaffen. sehr schön gemacht. gratuliere.

  90. love it. :-)
    i cant use it though. im a boy who likes boys.

  91. Thank you. I love it! It is clean, beautifully, minimal and simple.
    And it is my main to-do app right now.

  92. to my SOMEDAY section, I added:
    win lotto

  93. Oh my goodness yes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the interface and completely feel that the “fewer features = more effective” equation is dead on. Can’t wait to use this, especially on my iPhone.

  94. love it…i would love to know how to do that little “hack” that would allow me to make categories for the columns in Someday

  95. I love you! I love you! I really, really LOVE YOU!!! Being riddled with ADD, I need simple, simple, simple, and accessible from home and work. I LOVE YOU!!! (Did I mention that I love you?!)

  96. Not even exaggerating, this is *the* perfect to do list application. I can’t wait till you make an iPhone app!!

  97. Great stuff! Nice design, simple and effective.

  98. this app really looks great, however once I sign up I can’t access it… and if I try signing up again, it says my email/username are already taken… am I the only one to have this problem? do you know how it can be fixed?

  99. Excellent! Just the order for New Year esp…
    Thanks! :)

  100. Wow it looks great! I’ll try it and let you know how it goes. The easy input of data already makes this make light years ahead of the rest!

  101. Signed in !
    Thank you.


  102. Love it. I have been searching and playing with different apps for six months (and I have tried them all).

    Can the SOMEDAY section include many more columns? With that the user can turn columns into projects and then list all the sub tasks.

    For Kerry’s question about the SOMEDAY hack: You can label the SOMEDAY columns by creating a title and moving it to the top of each column.

  103. i made a safari web clipping of it so now its in my dashboard, too. thanks!!! good work.

  104. Fantastic. Simple, elegant, easy to use. Does exactly the same thing as my trusty paper to-do list, but now I won’t lose it or have the kids use it as scrap paper!

    Thanks so much. Very well done.

  105. BRILLIANT. finally a to-do list thats actually usable and pretty at the same time. You made my day today

  106. Iphone app, ok, but don’t forget android user, the growing smartphone audience !

  107. Loving the simple and straight-forward approach! If you have an Android phone and want something similarly delightful to keep track of your notes and to-dos you should try Mobisle Notes. I designed it so I should say too much about how great it is :) but we apparently have the same approach on the whole to-do debacle.

    Great job and if I haven’t already said it before: great blog!

  108. THX. That is just a great and very clean interface for a tool. Exactly what you need, if you need task-lists. GREAT.

  109. Lara – thank you, so simple and elegant!

  110. tina

    this is perfect, perfect, perfect!
    simple, easy-to-use, well designed…i’m hooked.


  111. Simple and useful, really cool!

  112. Thanks for this zen like application.

  113. This is simple and beautiful.
    I have to say I have already become more organised and able to manage my project tasks much more efficiently, as well as my day to day ones.
    Thank you swiss-miss.

  114. Love this!
    One request – it would be nice to have a full month calendar icon (a small one even) to help jump ahead and set to-do’s. Using the scroll arrows might become a bit hard.


  115. @sarah and jk re: phonetic

    It really should be ˌtøˈdø though…


  116. lovely. that is what i was really looking for. doesn’t work on Opera though. too bad. :(

  117. this is almost perfect!
    it just misses a native android app. hehe
    please work on that!

  118. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!! I am a list fanatic…i was born with the last name Lister…it was inevitable. But since becoming self employed I find the internet sucks up all my time. It will be awesome to constantly have my to do list pop up in my face. This is exactly how I organize my very own to do lists…so bonus!

  119. I was skeptical when I saw it on ‘Secret Society of list Addicts, then sold on it when I read your description, and super excited and in a better mood after watching the instructional video. You are good Swiss Miss, dang good.

  120. I would love this as an iphone app! I’d definitely pay for it.


  122. @Velma, there is no download button. It’s an online web-app.

  123. A friend recommended using TeuxDeux. I love the simplicity that it provides and will be able to use this tool to keep organized for my Etsy Shop. I have a day job and finding time to keep up my shop is difficult. This tool really helps me to get things done!

  124. Not really TeuxDeux, but if you are looking for an iPhone app that is similar, try Todew! You can see the screencast here: http://somaticcontact.com/todew iTunes App Store link: http://bit.ly/dn2DBo

  125. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to organize my stuff! I really love how FEW features there are. If you finish the iPhone app and it is as simple and brilliant as the online experience (but don’t dare to not put slide-to-go-to-next-day and a landscape overview mode in there!) you really have changed my live!

  126. this is going to change my life!!!


  127. Thank you.. It is very useful.. Love from Turkey…

  128. is BlackBerry app in the pipeline?

  129. 1+ vote for an Android app :)

  130. +1 vote for an Android app :)

  131. +infinity votes for an Android app!!!

    I would use this site even more if I had it on my phone.

  132. On my app. there are 2 Nov. 7, and I cannot input tasks beyond this duplication. AActually I can input only 1 task, after which it will replace the first task with any following task. In otherwards, I can have only 1 task per day.

  133. Nov. 7th is repeated on my calendar in Teux Deux. Also when I try to enter tasks in days after Nov. 7th each item replaces the prior one. This means I cannot have more than 1 task each day.
    I love this app.and would like it to work fully.


  134. I would love something like an ajax 12 hour autorefresh or something. Lets say I open my teuxdeux list on friday and keep it open for a couple of days. On sunday all my to-do items will be still at friday.

  135. Awesome and genious app, Tina! This is manna in the desert of useless, overloaded todo apps. But there is one thing: European date format. Hope to see it soon!

  136. TeuxDeux is getting better and better, but I have 2 suggestions + 1 repeat:

    The first issue is capital 1st. letter. Why minuscle in the first word?

    The second issue concerns the date row at the bottom of the screen. It would be awesome in plain white, the shadows breaks the design concept.

    + I am eagerly waiting for European date format :-)

  137. I love love love this to-do list! It’s perfect, can you pleaseeeee make an app for the android as well? Thanks!!

  138. +1 for the Android App :)

  139. ANDROID APP! please and thanks.

  140. +1 for the Android App :-))


    I use the site everyday and I’m currently shifting between gTask and TeuxDeux.

  142. awesome, now android!

  143. Android App seriously needed! Urgent!!!
    I’ve been using this for a while and I really miss an App on my android to check for my list “offline” at anytime I need without going online.

  144. Any plans for iCal syncing?

  145. Android! Android! Android!

  146. Android! And make it work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab :)

  147. Android app is certainly missing.

  148. Android PLEASE

  149. ANDROID!

  150. I would greatly appreciate a version for the Android. I’m still working with the Google G1.

  151. Both iCal & Android would be awsome

  152. please please please make an android app..

  153. To Late, i use Wunderlist. They have it all, iPhone, Desktop Wind/Mac, Websolution AND Android.

    Wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das leben.

  154. MobisleNotes (mentioned above) is beautifully designed, but not quite minimal enough and has no calendar.

    +1 more vote for a TeuxDeux Android app. Email me if you need any help with development.

    Stunning work on the web version!

  155. Android please nufsaid…

  156. Another one for Android. Rob Weychert mentioned it awhile back and I’ve wanted it ever since!

  157. please make an Android app!!

  158. I agree with RAFF. Wunderlist has solved this problem. But then again this was a 1 time collaborative effort that has ended. I doubt an Android version will exist, as much as I want it to happen.

  159. I instantly fell in love with this product! It speaks to my minimalistic nature. It combines a calendar feel with to-do functionality.

  160. Android?

  161. DroidDroidDroid!! [please ;) ]

  162. I just found your app a few days ago and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am a to-do FREAK and it is just perfect. Thanks so much!! (and yes, droid droid droid! :) )

  163. +1 vote for an Android app :)

  164. Looks like a good app, but I particularly like the “Boom goes the dynamite” reference. :)

  165. Don’t mean to spam this thread, but I made this video tutorial about how I use TeuxDeux: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frt5isPWNII.

    Hope it’s helpful for some of you.

  166. I can’t watch Cameron’s how to vid until I get ANDROID app.. or I might steal his phone ;) really looking forward.. thanks!

  167. I’ve been using the Teux Deux program and iPhone app for a month now and it’s really helped my productivity and organization on-the-go. I run my own company of one and the ability to see and add to my to-do list wherever I am is invaluable. I no longer have to dig for the slip of paper in my bag with the list, try to find another square inch on it to add one more thing, or rewrite a list when only 1/2 were completed.

    Plus seeing the long list of checked off items is HIGHLY satisfying for this perennial list maker. It even forces me to get more done at the end of the day because I don’t want to see an item move on to the next day after multiple days of procrastinating on it.

    I really appreciate that the app version moves a checked off item to the bottom of the list when you scroll over to another date. I wish it was at least an option on the web browser version.

    I’ve told countless people about Teux Deux in the past month so I hope this continues to help others become even more efficient!

    And I’ve been using the tip to create headings for the “Someday” columns and that’s a lovely feature.


  168. I’d love a Windows Phone app.

  169. It’s simplicity makes it just perfect. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea.

  170. I can’t wait for the Android version! (that works for Galaxy 5)…I don’t want to migrate to another To-Do app, I just loves your approach!

  171. Android app please! It’s the only app I want to pay for

  172. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPad that I use extensively. I downloaded the iPhone app, and although it works on my iPad, it certainly doesn’t look very good. Would be very interested in an iPad app.

  173. love teuxdeux, clean and simple. please please please make an android app! i don’t understand how you haven’t ’till now, pleeeease :)

  174. Love love love this!! I think you are the first to-do app that considered how humans actually function when designing it. Thank you!!!
    So… I have a request which may be way too complicated- but if it were possible to have teuxdeux “grab” or otherwise integrate somehow with calendar programs like ical and just import things like appointments I would be completely in love. Or, a widget like ical’s that can just float over dates in emails and documents and give you the option to creat a teuxdeux item on that day, thus bypassing the need to talk to ical at all. I may just need more time to adjust but for the moment I’m going over to ical, looking at what’s there and re-typing it into teuxdeux. I’m totally visual and need to have everything in one place to understand how the day should be put together- jumping between two programs, especially when yours is so much more visually calming and sensible, is kind of jarring.
    Just a thought- I will keep using it and figure out some kind of system in the meantime.

  175. I L-O-V-E this app!! It is exactly what I have been needing. Definitely a lot easier then trying to write everything down in my day planner. I love the fact I can access it online and on my phone and they sync. The user interface is so easy and straight forward and I love the clean look of it!!
    My only suggestion would be an undo button! I accidentally deleted a task the other day and couldn’t remember what it was. Other then that it is PERFECT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  176. I love this app…the simplicity, the design, the minimalism…but I wish that it did have the Week Numbers (as is typical for euro calendars). I work for a Dutch firm and everything is in Week Numbers, not just typical date format. Please consider adding this as a optional setting?

  177. Hi! I use teuxdeux every day and I absolutely love it! I’ve actually also started to use it as a calendar/daily planner and just write in the times of day myself next to appointments etc. Two things I’d love to see on the next version:

    1. A search bar at the top for terms used in list items
    2. A way to make items reoccur on a specific date every year, or a specific day every week etc. Since I use it as a calendar it would be great if, for example, my friend’s birthdays would always appear each year instead of needing to write them in.

    Love the app, thanks!

  178. I love love the app – but a good one for the iPad would be amazing. Right now the iPhone app is either tiny or looks all stretched on the tablet screen, and the Web version doesn’t really work. Pretty please!

  179. please a Android app

  180. Android

  181. Thank you for designing this app. It has changed my business and my life. This app has given me the ability to leave work and not wondering if I have forgotten to do something.

    I couldn’t speak highly enough of your app and have reccomended it to many people

    Thank you


  182. Is there any way this app could transcend to an android phone? I’d love to have it available to non iphone users.

  183. yes there is an app for Android

  184. I’ve been looking for “my” to-do app for the longest time and this might just be it! It perfectly corresponds to how I plan my tasks (weekly) and I like the someday section — I always have this non-urgent tasks that I want to get done but can’t seem to have the space for them, so thank you for this.

    Wish you had this for Blackberry though! Those iPhone folks are lucky.

  185. I am going to check out the program and am wondering when the Android app might appear. I can see that in the Play store a few people offering “bridges” between the website – is there one that Teux Deux thinks is preferable?

  186. Exactly how I work and always needed a notepad to work on it…until I found u! :)

  187. I love this app, but WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?!! It’s been down for DAYS. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO AND MY LIFE HAS NO PURPOSE.

  188. This app was amazing, until you stopped supporting it. Where is the iPad version? Why can’t I use the browser version on my iPad? Why haven’t you optimized this for newer versions of the operating system? Can’t you make it better, update it and get it fixed and charge for the app? I love it and continue using it every day despite these limitations. I tell everyone I know to use it and I can’t continue doing that in good faith without some help from you. Just have your developer make the changes and charge me for it. I’d love to help you support and continue developing the great to-do app you started. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!

  189. Thank you for such an awesome app. I am a PhD student in a very rigorous molecular biology program and, as a both a student and an undergraduate instructor, I am in constant need of an overarching “to-do list”. Your app makes my life possible – I would be lost without it. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have recommended this app to friends and colleagues at my university and throughout my travels to meetings, conferences, etc. All have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    One quick question – is there any chance this app might be coming to android? I am very seriously considering switching to android because I support Google and their (more) open platform, but I won’t move without TeuxDeux. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work.

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