Trolley Scooter von Samsonite und Micro

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Here is a product that got an instant I WANT out of me. How cool would it be to zip down the long hallways in the airport on this Trolley-Scooter from Samsonite and Micro. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

(thank you andrea)

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  1. great idea and i want one, but i would be curious as to the stability of it, most scooters are hard enough to maneuver but then add 40 extra pounds to the very front of it…

    but like i said, yeah, i would ride it through the airport for sure, yelling WEEEEEEEEE all the way to my terminal.

  2. Love it!
    Wonder if it tips forward at all…

  3. my good friend manisha needs this when she is landing in random parts of SJC

  4. Think you should check out this young designer…

    Have a look at the Transporter (and the rest of his projects!)

  5. How long until a motorized version of this is released? Personal Transportation Device.

  6. Sorry but this Idea is a copyright of Quasar Progetto srl Rome Italy and any reproduction is forbidded. Every abuse will be legally persecuted.

    Marco Cassiano
    Istituto Quasar