Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

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Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is a sad sign of our times: With one click Web 2.0 suicide machine takes you off all social networks so you can have a ‘real’ life again. (I find the name of the app/service fairly disturbing. Wish they would have used a more uplifting spin.)

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  1. The awesome bit is the fact that they have testimonials.

  2. I thought it sounded like a neat idea – getting “offline” to enjoy real life more is something I think we all consider from time to time…

    But I watched the “Take the Suicide 2.0 Tour!” video, and the guy was SO depressing! I think he needs more then this application, he might need some medication too. The whole site became less cute & poignant and a lot more sad.

  3. Here is a much neater product that allows you to commit Japanese SEPUKO on facebook.


  4. i fully support this!!!

  5. OK ever since I read this post friday afternoon suscidemachine site will not load.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  6. It’s loading.
    Btw, be alert with this service.
    I mean you are giving strangers your username and password.

  7. does it matter than i am giving strangers my name and password to an account upon which i am committing my social network suicide?? i am not sure if this is a machine of depressing, desperate acts, or one of liberation. i guess, until then, to share my experiences with it thus far – http://web-poet.com/2009/12/21/suicidemachine/

  8. Hmmm…may be usingthis at some point! Next, after they are done with all the “networking” sites, they’ll be able to delete all of your email accounts too! And destroy your cell phone! And then you’ll be given a pad of paper, envelopes & stamps and a rotary dial telephone with a “land line” to contact people (the good ole’ days!).

  9. to me it is great!
    i lost my email account password and instead of trying to get it, i just entered my password and email in for myspace and POOF! it was all clean!

  10. Looks like facebook is fighting these type of initiatives…..

  11. IT’s ABOUT TIME!

  12. Looks lice facebook have some hackers themselves. Both the sites are done now for days!

    I thought the netherlands internet laws would have protected them but facebook being so big knows every tirck in the book to get their targets now.

    Some Blackhats are needed to get them back online and working!

  13. I was ready to leave facebook due to the time it wastes, but after watching the “2.0 suicide tour” I feel like I’m lying in a real-life coffin and some slimey-sounding guy I’ve never met is bending over me trying to convince me that although I’m dead and can never return, I’ll be remembered. Then he leaves, making me feel that I have already hanged myself. Wonder if it promotes real suicides.

    Sure as hell changed my mind about dumping facebook. At least it’s good for sharing a few laughs and witticisms.

    Maybe some other time when I haven’t watched the ‘tour’.

    You should be able to dump it with one click of a button, not dragged out, person by person.