Yann Tiersen on 6 iPhones

(via in10.nl)

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  1. I don’t understand this sort of thing. A very good musician can play a piece on a phone but it sounds utterly tinny and rubbish…so what? Whats the point? What does it prove?

    I’m not trying to be rude about it and i actually love Yann’s work, but I’m genuinely curious….why is this good or even interesting?

  2. Carlotta:
    This is about being creative and resourceful. He is not looking for perfection, he’s taking a challenge. I wish you could understand that sometimes good stuff can come from “tinny rubbish”.
    And for the record, you are being rude.

  3. This is someone playing Yann Tiersen on 6 iPhones, not Yann Tiersen. Tiersen is French; this guys curses in Dutch at the beginning (Netherlands).

  4. Yann Tiersen himself has used many unconventional instruments in his compositions, such as a typewriter, spokes on a bicycle wheel, and a toy piano.

    Although this is not Tiersen himself, I don’t think he would be too snobbish about the iPhone as a musical instrument, just as David Hockney is not dismissive of it as a medium for his art.


    It is better to look for possibilities than limitations.

  5. @Elisa. Carlotta likes to leave grouchy comments as evidenced in the past: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2009/10/grocery-store-musical.html#comments

    I found it funny he has a beer bottle next to him. Must have been a drunk experiment. :P

  6. Wow, I think it would be cheaper if he bought himself a second hand piano and it would probably sound a lot better, nevertheless quite impressive, thanks for sharing.

  7. on 5 i-phones i would of accepted. seems how one is not used. yet one is used for one note and three hold the same purpose. not that i could even pull it off with one

  8. I am a musician, (open minded) I play piano and think this is pointless crap