Amazing “Willysphere” – a new sandcarving tool

Sand Shapers from ID Selection are the latest toy for the beach and in the sand box at home. By moving the Sand Shaper in a circular movement, the most beautiful spheres can be created. By combining the different sizes, it is possible to create all kinds of funny shapes. Due to the simple action, the Sand Shapers can be used by children from the age of 3.

(thank you Nicolet)

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  1. thats to cool! makes me wish I lived near a beach.

  2. I love dutch people’s accents! And this little invention is really cool, too. I can see myself spending hours to ‘bubble’ a whole stretch of beach :)

  3. Fake! The “shapers” just uncover buried balls.

  4. where can I buy it?
    looked at the site butt coudn`t find it

  5. na-ah, it’s not fake. I’m actually dutch and it’s so funny to see this appear on the internet. This guy won ‘The best idea of the Netherlands,’ a contest broadcasted on dutch television.

  6. oh I’m sorry, made a little mistake. the guy got second in the contest. you can buy them at

  7. need more help…. I got into but could not find how to buy it….. thanl you so much. Loved your idea!

  8. fantastic stuff – unable to purchase it from that site however . . .

    the beach at the end of the block needs to be bubbled :)

  9. To buy them I think you need to do this:

    Go to:
    ‘add to cart’

    then click the gray words ‘Shopping cart’ in the orange box on the righthand side (where it says amount and price too)

    You’ll be redirected to the cart, click ‘I accept the general terms and conditions’ and ‘Submit’.

    Then you come to the point where you need to sign in. Fill in the form, they will send you an e-mail containing further purchase details.

  10. Thank you for your inquiry on our brand new Sand Shapers. Unfortunately, this item is so new that we do not have them here in the US quite yet.
    They should arrive to us some time in February and at that time we will get them established with So hopefully they will be available to purchase from Amazon by at least the first of March.

  11. This would be amazing as a snowshaping tool. Perfectly spherical snowmen.

  12. So awesome. Now if i lived near a beach and not in the middle of corn fields…

    Keep us updated when they will arrive to Amazon because if the price isn’t that high (which I think is a really keypoint with this) I will buy a few for when I take trips to the beach. Could be a blast.

  13. hi people
    there is more info at
    there is a face book fangroep (willysphere)
    they also can be used in sticky snow if you not live at the beach

    have fun

  14. Are they out of stock? There was no ‘add to cart’ link or even a price when I went to the iicshop :(

  15. Hi,

    I like willyspheres, their creator is a genius ;)
    It is for that that I decided to sell them, I deliver all the countries, the site is either in French or in English and you can choose the zone of delivery according to your country, here is the address:



  16. We have these for sale at
    Thank you.