Classy Camera Strap

This Classy Camera Strap made me look. It comes with a quick release swivel snap that leaves only a small keyring attached to the camera. The strap is adjustable and the overall length is 36 inches when fully extended.

(thank you matt)

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  1. Hi Tina !
    Did you know this one ?

  2. Look what you have done… they are all sold out now. :P

  3. great looking strap. very similar to the one I use, but it’s from the 70’s that I took out of my dad’s camera bag from back in the day.

    the quick release is a nice addition.

  4. what type of camera is this? can’t quite tell…

  5. I love the sweater, any idea where to find it??

  6. The sweater is from Martin and Osa.

    the camera is an old 35mm Minolta XG 1.

    Matt Pisane