Good Stuff

This is the good stuff.

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  1. simple, clear – good stuff!

  2. the art of conversation.

    the necessity and beauty of waste and redundancy?

  3. On the contrary, that is the dangerous stuff, the stuff one should be critical about. If people agree with you, it will usually be because they have not think about it deeply to find their own conclusions, not because you both found the same ones.

    That is the good stuff, the sugar, the quick fix.

    The genius stuff is elsewhere.

  4. “Creativity is individual
    but innovation is collective.”
    Anne Asensio

  5. how are those just graduated to find a position in phlebotomy without 2 or more years experience? if i just completed my course and passed the state required test how can i become employeed without experience? i would think employers liked newbes so they can train them to their company guidlines with no bad habits to overcome! please its getting really discouraging when each interview tells you without at least 2yrs of continous work as a phlebotomist no one will even consider you for an externship. in school we were lead to believe all we needed to complete was at least 100 sticks and show proof and records from your school showing this was meet along with your states required test with a passing grade of a 70 or better,and certification from a accredited testing site.national health association,NHA. well i have all the information needed to complete and pass the phlebotomy program and have been looking for a position since feb 2011 and have had no success. i’ve attended job fairs and have sent over 30 resumes along with completed applications. to this date 4_19_2011 not one employer has offered anything to get my career going! anyone please offer advice!