Google Wave…

“Google Wave was built to show younger people how older people feel when they try to use the Internet.”

– found over at @shiflett

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  1. Oh is THAT what it’s for. Normally I’m all over anything Google, but when I couldn’t teach my 21 year old best friend how to use it, it sort of became useless.

    (I didn’t really get it either).

  2. ha! laughed out loud at that one…

    I’m one of the most tech savvy and internet geekish person I know and the video for google wave was pretty much confusing. I’m not even interested in trying.

  3. That quote’s been floating around for a couple months, not sure where it started. Here’s the oldest one I’ve seen:

  4. hahaha so true. and the fact that you have to CONVINCE your friends to use it and THEN the hurdle of having to teach them….all too familiar.

  5. What? Really? My friends and I have embraced the tool and use it all the time. I’ve never had too much of a problem using it or figuring out what to use it for. >_>

    Though we’re pretty far off the deep end of nerdery as it is. XD

  6. Ha! I love it! Though I suspect the writer is an internet user who is desperately clinging to the title of “young”.

  7. @steve – haha, it doesn’t even say “young,” but “younger.” hmmm…

  8. Hahaha! That is genious! :D

  9. Brilliant! Just how I felt when trying Wave. What a disaster!

  10. Its sad to say but Google wave is gone and no further development on the same going forward says Google.

    Check this out :