Gear Ring

Now here’s a brandnew cool gift idea Kinekt’s Gear Ring. I had the chance to play with one and I can honestly say, it’s quite addictive to spin those gears. The Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel. It features six micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun (as can be seen in the video below). It is currently available for purchase in four standard US ring sizes: 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Valentine’s presents anyone?

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  1. Wow, great idea. For many Years i have a Ring from Eva Bruggmann which is based on a ball bearing: Seventh Heaven

    Time to change from Ball bearing to Gears. :-)

  2. That’s a really cool ring. I love the industrial feel to it. (Kinda obvious since it’s gears!)

    Reminds me of some really cool jewelry by machinist-turned-jeweler Paul Phillips. for his work, it’s really unique. I own this ring:

  3. I fear that finger hair could easily get caught in the spinning gears. Is the inside of the ring one seamless surface?

  4. @Benjamin: You worry too much. I’d gladly shave my knuckle hairs for this!

  5. reminds me of Spragwerks stuff, neat stuff handmade by heavy-machinery-mechanic-turned-jeweler

  6. I purchased one of these rings. It’s nicely made and I really like it. However, it doesn’t fit. The company told me that I could hold on to it while they needed 4-6 weeks to get larger sizes in stock. It’s now well past that wait. What’s more, they don’t answer my calls or emails. The warranty is useless if they won’t talk with the customer or issue an RMA within the first 30 days. I called within 24 hours of receiving my ring to let them know the ring didn’t fit. I couldn’t return it without their RMA. Something very questionable is going on in Kinekt Design.

  7. Carl,

    thats funny. I found the service to be great. I dont know if you have the correct phone number or not but the one i have for them is 862-200-1184


  8. Peter,

    That number helped. There was something wrong with their email too. I think it’s all solved. As I said, I really like the product. I think it’s going to do well. I did get awfully unsettled when I didn’t hear back from them and there’s no digit on my hands that this ring will fit. I am looking forward to the new one fitting me properly. I’m glad that their communication problem seems resolved.

  9. hola soy del ecuador y necesito saber como puedo adquirir un anilo asi , por favor si alguien sabe que me ayude en esto

  10. 9-8-10


  11. I received my size 13 ring today……a little snug but still fits. Make sure of your ring size because there are no half sizes to fit more comfortable…let’s work on that OK? Will buy another when they come out in half sizes. Great craftsmanship and time went into making it I’m sure,…Thanks a million

  12. These rings look pretty interesting, I saw them in the back of a popular science I think. Still, for an essentially ‘spinner’ ring made out of steel, $165 seems a tad bit rediculous.

  13. Always wanted a cool ring that fit my personality… this one is it! Hope to buy it soon. Pretty neat it’s essentially a differential gear set for your finger!

  14. I would love to get this for my husband but he wears a 10.5. Any men have any help with how it fits?

  15. I am a size 10.5 and purchased the 11 and it fits perfect. Good luck.

  16. I am looking to get this for my husband as a wedding band and am trying to go about it as a surprise for Christmas. I found his old wedding band and had it sized…one place told me 8.5 and the other told me 9…what are your guys’ opinions on what size I should get him…he has relatively small hands and am trying to go about this so he doesn’t find out.

  17. As much as this ring is cool, 165$ is just too much for a stainless steel ring. Suppliers sell these between 0.80/2.00$ US as well. If it were half price, sure, but at that price? Sorry.

  18. Samantha,
    I am going to get the ring for my husband to wear as his wedding band also. He’s a mechanic so I thought it would be perfect. Let me know how it goes with yours. :-)

  19. How about one made of gold or silver. It is nice enough to wear for special occasions

  20. Hi, any women have one? My daughter is a freshman mechanical engineering student and wants one, but I was wondering if it would be to bulky. She’s very petite.

  21. From their website, it says they can do custom. I would email them. I think this is unique. They are responsive when I email them and have been happy with it.

  22. Hi Rachel, I’m a petite female mechanical engineer too and I absolutely love this ring. You could email them and ask them what the outside diameter is for the size ring you want, or ask them how thick it is and how wide the band is. I’ll be ordering one for myself (bulky or not) in the next day or so after I figure out what size I need.

  23. Me and my soon to be wife are thinking of buying one each to use as our wedding bands. Love the concept of these rings worried about sizing though.

  24. Chris,

    I was able to use the sizing chart just fine. Make sure to follow the steps. Their exchange form is very easy and I am happy with their customer service. BTW, congrats on the wedding.

  25. I so want to buy one for my hubbys birthday but cant seem to find the fhone number on the website. whats up with that? i dont want to order it online. Please give me a number to call thank you.

  26. The phone number is in the FAQ section of the website. You will need to look again. It is under Ordering; 1-888-600-8494

  27. I just got my ring today, & all I can say is WOW! Great quality, fast shipping, & great communications. The fit is perfect. I showed it to a bunch of gear heads at a local car show, & they were all impressed. For the guy or gal in your life whose into cars, this is the perfect gift.

  28. I think they should make this for woman too. I love it but its not going to fit me. I want to get my husband one. I think he will love it

  29. They make a thinner ring for women. I just ordered a size 10 of the regular ring for my husband, and they e-mailed me, and said that the thinner ring for women is available in size 5, 6, 7 and ring size 8.

    “You will need to write during the check
    out process (gift message section) that you want a thinner ring.”

    I want one for myself! :)

  30. This is for anyone. Where would be a cheaper place to buy a ring like this? I would love to get my fiance a ring like it but I really don’t want to give so much for stainless steel

  31. I would like to know if they deliver to Canada?

  32. Sterling Silver & 14kt Yellow-gold Round Lab Created Ruby Angel Heart
    Necklace is adorable!

  33. Bought for my fience, perfect for him. Great fast service fir exchange. I need a matching band but different for my wedding ring. I proposed to him. He loved it!

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  35. This ring looks awesome! From what I’ve read so far, it looks like their product, service, and shipping are all fantastic! Although the price may be a tad bit high, I still want one. I’m worried about buying the wrong size, and have to ship it back to get another one. How accurate are the sizing charts? How would I use the chart?

  36. Size is dead on. If your a half try the next up. You can always exchange fast. We love ours

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