Humble Pied

Studio mate Jessica Hische is giving some advice over on Humble Pied!

Humble Pied originally started as a crowd-sourced AIGA student presentation, with friends and peers alike offering their words of wisdom within the creative industry. houses all of the great bits of advice, and to stimulate dialogues along the way.

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  1. that is a great advice… begs to ask though: what do you do to procrastinate from your new found job :-)

  2. Jessica is one of my favorite out there right now and this is my favorite design blog hands down. It is not a surprise y’all work together. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Tina! And as always, thanks to Jessica for dishin’ out the great advice. Would love to have you on, too!

  4. Oooh, ooh, so guess what? My husband comes into my office and excitedly tells me about a new program ( he’s a task management freak..) that he has been using called “Teux Deux”

    yep, already hooked.

    Thanks Swiss Miss!